Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little, well probably, a lot about me ; )

My main purpose for this blog, at least in the beginning is for my journey with RA, it's my newest, and hardest : ( However, first, I want to start in "the beginning".
When I was 14 I had a HUGE cyst on my ovary, the size of a GRAPEFRUIT, while they were removing it, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. It's a "girly" disease that is characterized by the lining of the uterus, instead of leaving the body every month, like normal, it decides to "hang" around and attach other places, most commonly the ovaries/uterus/pelvic wall, however in some rare cases, not mine, it can attach it self to organs such as the bladder, etc....It is a Chronic Pain condition with no known cure, except many women who are able to get pregnant, never have problems again, others the only relief is a hysterectomy. As of right now, I've done neither. And at 14, they DEFINITELY were not options. To treat the Endometriosis at 16 I was started taking Depo Lupron Injections (used in men with prostate cancer). This put my body into a medically induced Menopause. This was not fun, So for you older women, just be happy you only get it once ; ) LOL
At 18, the pelvic pain hadn't seen much relief and was getting worse. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. This is a bladder disease/condition characterized by inflammation and ulcers in the bladder. It's not completely autoimmune, however, the bladder wall is basically attacking itself.
At 21 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.
and finally we are here at the old age of 25 and before that bday I added 2 AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES to my treasure chest. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS AND SJOGREN'S SYNDROME.

Since, long times at the computer are hard, I'm going to say hello and goodbye ; ) Have a great week!


  1. Wow you sure have a big bagful of things to deal with hon. I feel for you and do know a bit of what you're enduring as I too have rh Arth and fibromyalgia. Add to those is a creeping nerve degeneration in my lumbar region... walking is getting harder these days, but at least I am still upright and ambulatory albeit slowing down almost daily. Wish they would find a cure for ails us instead of just adding more and more pain killers to the regime.... but not much good bitching about it hey? hope the progress of your diseases is slow and your up times come thick and fast! take care:)

  2. Oh dear - reading this make a lot of things seem very simple.
    Just glad you are able to keep up the mood - take care.

    Glad to follow you here... ;o)

  3. I am not sure who you are enigma, but I agree! I hope we can find support in eachother, even if it's just this, this is enough, VENTING! : )

    @Susanne~ Hi my dear! You are such a sweet lady, I look forward to you being on my "journey" : )